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August 31, 2014

Demo Review 29: Max and the Magic Marker

In a very gray world, we see little colored Max drawing in his living room. A letter addressed to him enters the house, and he opens it, finding a marker. He starts drawing with the marker, but the little monster he draws comes to life on the page and infiltrates his other drawings! Max quickly draws himself with the magic marker, and the character comes to life, ready to fend off the drawn monster!

We switch to a prettier version of Max's drawings, where his little character is moving in a platform game. You're instructed to lead Max to bubbles containing orange ink; this fills the magic marker. On the way, he can also pick special black balls, and light ones that turn out to be lightbulbs. Oh, by the way: Each time Max reaches a checkpoint, the drawn monster steals away all of the ink stored in the marker. Great...

But how can you draw? Well, it's simple. You press and hold A to draw, you press B on a drawing to remove it. You can also hold B and shake the Wiimote to remove all the drawings made since the last checkpoint. You also learn to use the magic ink to create boulders and other things useful to reach higher places. You can also use it, by drawing long lines over gaps to make bridges, or to draw around Max to protect him from some dangers, like the rainy sections that would erase him.

The demo gives us only one level to try. That's sad, because I really wanted more. This game was fun, very fun. I liked it. The art is cool, the music is alright, but the gameplay is great. This reminded me of Drawn To Life: The Next Chapter for the Wii, except simpler. I enjoyed the tutorial level, I really hoped I could get to try more. If I access the Wii Shop channel again, I will most likely buy it.

Kind of an odd coincidence, though: I review a demo about drawing in a Platformer gamer he day just before I announce Drawn To Life Month! Tune in tomorrow for the announcement!