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August 20, 2014

A Look Back On: Yard Sale: Hidden Treasures Sunnyville

The review can be accessed here.

There is a lot of choice in the WiiWare games, but for some odd reason, not many of them look interesting enough for me. I've bought a few simpler games, partly for me, but also for my parents. They are not exactly video game players, so they can only play simple games with easy controls and goals. It's either that or I spend another 30 minutes explaining the game every time I play with them.

The fun with Yard Sale: Hidden Treasures Sunnyville is that it can be played by everyone. It's accessible to everyone, and it gives hours of fun.

Now, there's a problem I have with the content I downloaded from the Wii Shop Channel: Each time I'm reviewing one of those games, I have to decide whether to review a Virtual Console game or a WiiWare game. I started with a WiiWare game and decided to alternate between VC and WW games. But since I have downloaded only a few WiiWare games, and many Virtual Console games, I might have to find another way to do things...