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August 21, 2014

Demo Review 23: PooYoos 2

When you turn on the PooYoos 2 demo, you're welcomed by a turtle PooYoo. Oh, something new! The world is even more musical than before, too. He's soon joined by a rabbit and an elephant. Three instruments appear, one for each animal, and they start playing. The child's job when playing is to shake the Wii remote when one of the animals is falling asleep; this will cause a bell to be heard, the PooYoo will wake up, and resume playing music.

This mini-game requires a lot less intelligence than the one in PooYoos 1; but to be fair, here, the child has to look at three characters, see if some of them is asleep, and shake the Wiimote. What makes it a no-brainer, even for children, is that whenever one PooYoo falls asleep, the Wiimote icon appears on the top right of the screen to tell him to shake the remote. No need to think for this one! That's in Small PooYoo mode, In Big PooYoo mode, the child will have to point at the sleeping animal with the cursor and press A to wake it up. Already a little more diffcult for young kids.

Afterward, the turtle flies up and reaches three microphones. The narrator asks the kid to shake the Wiimote to test the microphone, and then starts singing the alphabet song. Two little turtles come on the screen and join the third one to sing. Like in PooYoos 1, there isn't much to do in that section, as the game doesn't score points. It just expects the child to sing along and learn at the same time. I should add that during the song, the child can press buttons on the Wiimote to have different things happen on the screen. It's all cutesy and adorable.

And really, I doubt anything else would have been expected from PooYoos 2. It follows the same formula as the first one, it's an entertaining teaching tool, and it's really alright for young children. Maybe the mini-game requires less thinking, but by the end, I must keep in mind that this is just a demo. Like the demo ending screen says, there's always a few more mini-games in the full version, and sadly, I can't review those, since I'm not buying the full version. Why would I?