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August 12, 2014

Demo Review 18: Zombie Panic

For this one, the actual full title is “Zombie Panic in Wonderland”. Like a zombie panic wasn't enough, now it also happens in places where everyone is crazy. For this demo, you only have access to the Story Mode and the Options menu; the Arcade and Ranking options are locked.

When you select Story Mode, you can pick between two out of seven possible characters: Momotaro and... Momotaro. Yeah, for some odd reason, both characters have the same name, but a different appearance. We're then treated to a scene of our character coming back to Wonderland... which, oddly enough, is a city, not a weird world down a rabbit hole. Wow, this game respects Lewis Carroll's oeuvre so well! Anyway, Momotaro 1 or Momotaro 2 enters a shop to buy stuff, but the place is empty. A zombie pops up from behind the counter! Momotaro X realizes he's trapped, kills the zombie, and then sees even more zombies coming out of the ground!

This game is a third-person shooter. You control your character, moving him left to right; you aim with the Wii remote's cursor and shoot with B. Zombies keep coming out from the ground and walking towards you! When you shoot them, know that they will keep walking if they lose a limb, but blast their heads off and they won't bother you any more. You can also shoot at merchandise in the shop and, once the shop's wall is down, you can even shoot at other buildings to destroy them. Gee, you're lucky the city is empty! Sometimes, the objects and buildings hide power-ups that you can use to destroy more zombies! Also, different kinds of zombies appear as you progress, like sumo zombies, ninja zombies... Anyone remembers the good old days of Wonderland? Back with the Jabberwocky?

Anyway, when you destroy about a hundred zombies, the level ends. And so does the demo. Since this level takes about five minutes, you get a good idea of what the game is like. I must say, it is fun. The 3D is good, and there's also quite a bit of comedy. I understand that it ends after one level, but that one level is a fine introduction anyway. Maybe there should be another level available to give an even better idea to the player, I don't know. Shooters are not for me (much), but this one has potential. Maybe I will buy it in the future. Would you? Either way, give the demo a try and see if it is for you.