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August 14, 2014

Demo Review 19: Paint Splash

Paint Splash is very much a game for creative children. As soon as the demo starts, we have two modes: Paint Mode and Splash Mode. Splash Mode is locked, so let's take a quick look at Paint Mode. And I mean a quick, quick one.

All this demo really offers is a while square on which to draw, about twenty different colors, six tools, and options like Save, Undo, Redo. The six tools are the brush, the spray paint can, a tool that dims the color, the eraser, the sponge (nice for creating effects) and a final tool that detects a color you used, which you can then use again.

The canvas is about three-fifths the size of the screen, which is pretty big. There's only one problem: How do you paint on this canvas? By pressing A and moving the cursor around. Yeah. I don't think I need to say that this lacks precision, and God knows precision is important when you're drawing. For playing Drawn To Life: The Next Chapter on the Wii, I can guarantee you. It's extremely difficult to be precise when you're drawing on the Wii. Guess the Wii U overcomes that problem thanks to the game pad, at least partly...

Anyway, whatever you do, even if you master all the tools and if you're the most precise person ever, your final picture will still look like something drawn by a child. Forget about perfection with this game, it's impossible. Well, okay, I managed to draw an exact copy of the Mona Lisa, but I'm not just anyone. (Okay, that was a huge joke, but admit it, it's funny.)

This game is definitely for children. As I said at the very beginning, a game for creative children. In fact, this is one of a couple demos for games that are targeting a very young demographic. Other games include the PooYoos trilogy, which I'll look at a little later.

I mean, I can't be too harsh. This is for kids and everything, from the looks of the game to the music to the simplistic playing style, just proves it. Never expect to do something great with this drawing tool. On a side-note, I would have liked to try the Splash mode, but sadly it is available only in the full version. That's kinda sad. Well, maybe there's a prodigy reading my reviews who has managed to copy Van Gogh's auto-portrait on Paint Splash. Who knows? Either way, I won't buy the full version. Try the demo if you've got a creative spirit. Or if you have a young child. Otherwise, skip this.