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August 9, 2014

Demo Review 15: Liight

Liight is a puzzle game. You can pick up a light with A and place it on the board, or select a placed light with B and twist the Wiimote to spin the light. Every colored light spreads out like a triangle. Also, the spaces where you can put said lights on the grid is often limited. The only lights available at first come in green, blue and red colors, the basic ones; however, you can have two differently-colored lights shine on the same point to obtain a combined color (green and blue make yellow, red and blue make purple, and so on).

Wait, what's the point of each puzzle? Well, there are a few colored dots placed on the screen. Basically, the lights' colors must match up with the colors on the dots without covering dots of the wrong colors. Also, there are blocks that do not let the light shine through, and there are also undesirable dots that the lights must not touch.

It's more difficult than you'd think. And while the demo ends after many levels, it also gives you the opportunity to try out trickier puzzles that contain greater challenges... as an example, one level includes a wheel spinning with four colored dots (and the puzzle can only be completed when the wheel is positioned the right way)... and bi-colored lights. You heard right. Lights that contain not just one, but TWO colors.

This is a very fun puzzle game. It starts off as simple, with easy puzzles, but then the concept is taken to extremes and ungodly precision becomes a requirement if you want to beat the last levels of the demo. Seriously, your wrist is gonna hurt by the end from all the twisting. The music is also nice; I should add that it appears progressively as you match up the lights and the dots. And only when a puzzle is completed do you hear the entire composition. As a puzzle game, it is very challenging, and like I said, it starts as a breeze but then gets insane.

The full version contains a level editor, along with the possibility to send levels to other owners of Liight (now that the Wi-Fi Connection for the Wii has been terminated, that second option has become sorta useless). The full version includes a Nonstop Mode that the demo itself acknowledges to be pretty hard. Also to note is that during the demo, there wasn't a level selection page, and whenever you press Play, you have to go through all levels, with a button to go forward one level but no button to go back one level, thus not giving you the option to replay skipped levels unless you leave the game and go back, and then forwarding towards the level you skipped. Phew, that was complicated. Anyway, aside from this design flaw, Liight is a fun game that requires a lot of problem-solving and I assure you that the demo is fun. Would I buy the full game? Probably not. But I acknowledge it's a fun game to try.