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August 6, 2014

A Look Back On: Desktop Tower Defense

In the early days of Planned All Along, I was still trying to get the formula right. I was unsure about multi-part reviews, even though I knew those were going to happen at some point. As a result, my first three reviews were all held within one part each. And for Desktop Tower Defense, it was kind of difficult, as there's so little I could talk about.

I was still starting as a video game reviewer, so I had decided to pick two games without a plot: Big Brain Academy, and this one. I felt like describing a plot would take a lot of space, and looking at my recent reviews, seems like I was right! This review and the two preceding ones would be a time to train myself for a challenge; indeed, the review after this one was Castle of Shikigami III, which I knew had to be a multi-part review.