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August 23, 2014

Demo Review 24: PooYoos 3

(Whoa, almost forgot that one!)

Oh great, another of those... I hope you like the sacrifices I make for you.

PooYoos 3 brings us back to the same world as the preceding two demos. The child is greeted by an adorable pig, and then a mini-game begins. In this one, the pig hides in one of two holes in the ground. After which he reappears and goes to hide behind some orange clouds. ...Yes, clouds are orange here. Anyway, in this mini-game, two PooYoos of different colors appear on every round, walk towards the holes, and jump in them. The child's task is to press either the directional pad or the A button to identify in which hole fell a PooYoo of a particular color. It's very simple, as very animal species comes in only one color. In Big PooYoo mode, there are four holes, and thus the game is a bit more difficult. Plus, the child has to select the hole by putting the cursor over it and press A.

After that mini-game is over, the little pig jumps to another place. The narrator suggests the child learns the name of the body parts thanks to a song. Oh hey, so every demo worked that way? First a mini-game, then a dance? Huh, that's an odd pattern, but if it's fun for kids, it works. Plus, this time around, the song is done a first time at regular speed, then once at a faster pace and once again at a slower pace. In case the kids couldn't follow even the first time, I guess?

Anyway, this is just the exact same thing as the other two installments. I'm glad the mini-games change, though there is always a dance section after the mini-game. Aside from that, what can I add? Like the other two, it's innocent, it's cute, it's for young children, and it's certainly good for children to have some interactivity. First it's the PooYoos, then before you know it they start playing Kirby's Epic Yarn or any of the learning Sesame Street Wii games. Again, no children, so I won't buy the full version, but those three PooYoo episodes are definitely fun for kids, and I'm sure they can keep them busy for a while.

Now that all three of these demos have been reviewed, I need to go back to more adult entertainment. I'm gonna watch a horror film tonight.