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August 2, 2014

Demo Review 11: Nyx Quest

Hey everyone! I felt like I had some free time this month. Things are doing well on my end, I'm doing a lot of job interviews, I might find something by the end of August. I hope. In the meantime, August is not my busiest month, so I told myself, "Hey! I could do some more Demo Reviews!"

Therefore, enjoy a whole month of Demo Reviews! Every day without another thing (a review or a Look Back post), I'll be publishing a short Demo Review, around 400 or 500 words. Again, the Demo Reviews are about the demos available on the Wii Shop Channel, not the 3DS or Wii U shop channels.

Let's not waste any time, here's the first Demo Review of August!

Demo Review 11: Nyx Quest

In Ancient Greece, Icarus finds during his flight towards the sun a kingdom inhabited by a winged woman named Nyx. A friendship grows between them, and maybe even more than just a friendship. Until the sun became impossibly strong. The wax used for Icarus' wings melted, rendering him unable to go back to Nyx. Worried, she descends, only to see a deserted land...

A promising story, a very stylized look, a female protagonist. This game seems good so far. It starts in the Ruins of Corinth (boy, I new global warming was strong, but I doubt it happened in Ancient Greece). All Nyx can do at first is walk, run, or jump. In the air, she can jump four times more to reach a higher altitude. She can also glide while in the air. Only problem, though is that she cannot attack in the tutorial level. She eventually finds a statue of Zeus, who tells her she disobeyed to him, but she will still get help from the Greek deities to navigate through the deserted land and find Icarus.

And before you ask, no, that Icarus doesn't look like Pit.

After this, you can use the power of Zeus to move obstacles; just point with your Wiimote, press B, and move on the screen. You can move objects while Nyx is standing on them so that she can cross dangerous zones, or climb higher than her flight is capable (by lifting a block on which she is standing).

An intriguing plot that makes you want to know more, this already hooks me in. I also like the gameplay, how Nyx can jump rather high but still needs help. I also like that you have to move objects around, even though doing that with the Wiimote is nothing new by now. I also like the style a lot. The sand is treated like lava. What caused this? The full game would tell us. Also, the ruins start off very brown, but the previews at the end of the demo show much more colorful parts of the game, which makes me want more. And last but not least, I also like the bait-and-switch intro that would make one believe we'll control Icarus, as he's the one telling the story... But we're actually playing as Nyx, which is a nice touch. I'd buy the full version someday. I recommend you try the demo, too. It's a good introduction.