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August 24, 2014

Demo Review 25: Fluidity

Fluidity features a magical book called Aquaticus, which is about water. It doesn't have time to explain to you what exactly it is, as trouble has arisen. You're thrown immediately into the Tutorial level. You're spinning the world around a puddle of water, and it obeys to the law of gravity, always going down and following the caverns. ...Wait, I thought this was inside a book...

You hold the Wii remote horizontally, like you would hold it if it were a normal controller, and tilt it left or right to move the water. You learn to make the water jump by flicking upwards the Wiimote (like you do for Mario to spin in the air in New Super Mario Bros. Wii). You can also pick up bubbles of water that get added to the total amount of water you control. Your task is to lose the least water possible, solve puzzles and find the exit to each level. You can even drag around objects that float! If you jump, the object will jump as well; the tutorial ends with the water dragging a cog to complete a mechanism. ...Hello rust!

Then you get to try the first level. In there, you can find special puzzle pieces that help you unlock additional modes, and rainbow drops. Each time you pick up one rainbow drop, the level ends, so you must go back to it if you want to find the others. Some doors are locked depending on the number of rainbow drops you've collected in a level. Later on, you can find ability stickers, which will grant your water some much needed power to go through one upcoming section of the level. The demo ends after you've collected the third rainbow drop.

The full game also lets you play as a cloud or as a block of ice, offers the possibility of collecting up to 80 rainbow drops, gives all sorts of abilities to the water, lets you play through the four chapters in the book, and includes four mini-games. Overall, this demo was a lot of fun. It's not easy to keep the water all together, so there's a challenge in this. Plus, you get to test in the demo most of the features in the game. The art is great, the music is soothing, the difficulty is balanced... Really, if you are a fan of puzzle games that require quick reflexes, try this one. It should make you happy. I might not buy the full version, but who knows? Maybe I will, someday.