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About Me

Name: Nicolas Hamel
Age: 25 (born on July 29th, 1992)
Lives in: Quebec, Canada (city not stated)
Currently employed (yay!). Working at night (urgh)
Proud Troper, webcomic reader, music enthusiast, trading cards collector, film aficionado, author, but more than anything else, proud gamer.

I'm the man behind Planned All Along, which was started on July 19th, 2013. I have updated every Friday, for more than two years and a half, talking about gamnes and films that I like, others that I dislike, and a bunch that I was just indifferent about. Normal reviewer stuff, really.

There isn't really a pattern to what I review. If I can make a few games fit together by a theme, I may make a themed month. Other times, I just go from a game to the other, without much of a relation. It all boils down to what I own, and what I want to discuss at any moment.

A short history of Planned All Along:
When I started in July 2013... I was just bored. No, really. I had this decent collection of video games, but I didn't know what to play. So many Game Boy Advance games, so many Nintendo DS games, so many Wii games... what do I do? Well, I had an idea: If I force myself to play through these games to discuss them later on a website, then it'll allow me to revisit my whole collection and sharemy opinions. Why not? At the time, I had been watching many members of the online reviewing community for a while, so I knew how things go, how to make a review. At the time, I was also a fan of the Nostalgia Critic, who reviews a movie by discussing its story. It was a concept I like, spoilers be damned, so I adapted that to video games.
(to be continued)