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This is where I thank everyone for whatever they did for this blog to exist.

First of all, I would like to thank Blogger for helping everyone in the creation of a blog. Thanks to this site, I can share my opinion on games, and on gaming in general, to all those who want to read. It means a lot to me.
Of course, I'd like to thank Nintendo, but overall every game enterprise out there, for providing a large portion of the children, teenager, and adult demographics with hours and hours of fun. Video games can now be considered a form of art, as are movies and literature, which is why your work means so much. Thanks, thanks, thanks. Please don't mind all the jokes I can make about your games. I don't mean it as insults, and never will I.
I'll thank my family, as it made me what I am now. My parents and my two dogs. Even if they don't share my passion for video games, I share my passion with them. Be sure that every time the blog's view count reaches a peak, they'll be the first to know.
I feel like thanking all the sites who accept me promoting my blog indirectly, through a forum signature as an example. This includes the That Guy With The Glasses official forums, the Brawl in the Family official forum (go check out both those forums, they're great!). I include my own Twitter and Facebook accounts.
Also, big, big thanks to Lewis Lovhaug, AKA Linkara, for re-tweeting the link to this blog on his Twitter account. Lewis is part of Channel Awesome, and he reviews comic books in his web series Atop The Fourth Wall.
Thanks to Alena Harrold, AKA LeRenardRoux, for creating plenty of things for me, whether it's alternate titles, new backgrounds, or theme month title cards.

More thanks will be added as I get help from other people into making this blog even larger, better and cooler.