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August 16, 2014

Demo Review 20: Art of Balance

Art of Balance sounds like a cool puzzle game, doesn't it? The Demo lures us in with cool music and nice backgrounds behind the title. But is it enough? Of course not! When you play the demo, you can only select Arcade mode. You cannot pick Versus, it's only in the full version.

How does this game go? For starters, there's blue pieces on the table. Then, there's a bowl of water with a platform in the center. You have to pick up each shape by pressing A while the cursor is on it, then use B or Left and Right on the Wiimote to spin the shape, and then put it on the platform. You have to put all the pieces on the platform and make them keep balance. If any piece falls in the water, you lose and have to restart the level. When all the pieces have been placed, you have to wait three seconds, and if after these three seconds your construction is still standing, you win! The level, I mean. You win the level.

And that's all there is to explain for this simple concept. The pieces may change, there may be more than three pieces to place, the platform in the center of the bowl may change or be weird... but at the end, nothing must fall off. The demo lets you try about ten levels, all of which are fairly easy. Just learn to think the way the game wants you to think, with balance as the final goal, and you will find the answer. Bathe in the feng shui environment, but do not let any blue piece into the water!

Honestly, I had fun testing this game. The ten available levels are fun and we even get a taste of Challenge levels; one of the available levels demo demands that you do not only have the pieces stay on the platform, but also that the pieces reach a certain height. Seriously, this is a good idea for a puzzle game, I'm glad I tested the demo. Now, will I buy the full game? Maybe not. Maybe I will. I don't know yet. All I can say is that you should test the demo and see if you like the concept. The ten levels in the demo are very simple, but no doubt does it get a lot harder in later levels. Apparently, the full game has about 100 levels, four environments, and even includes a Versus mode! Seriously, try the demo out, it's fun!