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August 28, 2013

Web Comics

Internet is huge. You can find almost everything on Internet, from the most obscure things to the more known. Internet is also known as a field for artists of all kinds. There's the famous website DeviantArt, on which you can find of everything (and I do mean everything...). Therefore, it's not a surprise that we can find absolutely impressive works of fanart on Internet. Same goes for fanfiction; whether you like it or not, fanfics are a popular way to share a story you imagined about your favorite characters.

But what to do when you both want to tell a story (or, well, jokes) but you'd rather put extra effort into it? You create a Web Comic! Literally, you write multi-panel jokes and you draw your favorite characters in each panel, and the whole point is to get a laugh from the reader.

There's a TON of web comics out there based on video games, and I'm honoring them today. Not all, this post would be too long. But at least some of them that are worthy of notice.

First off, the biggest Super Smash Bros Web Comic, Brawl in the Family. If you looked at my Thanks and Links pages, then you have probably seen that I already linked to it. But whatever, I'm gonna talk about it some more.

This Web Comic, created by Matthew Taranto started centered around Kirby, and his "encounters with things he eats and transforms into". However, as time went on, not only did the art became much better (compare the very first page and the more recent ones), but the pages became larger, with more jokes, references on each page, to the point that any gamer who knows the Nintendo world would have fun with this one. I also kind of had to honor the site, because it has a forum dedicated to all things related to gaming, and I use it to advertise the blog here.

Also, Matthew Taranto being a darn good singer, I might sometimes put up videos of jokes from Brawl in the Family that were accompanied with songs.

Also, while I was on the Brawl in the Family forums, I ended up looking at this other Web Comic, called Level 30 Psychiatry. The story is basically that all the video game worlds merged together because of some horrible catastrophe, and some have problems coping with this new reality. Thus, a Gardevoir (the Pokémon; and she actually learned to speak English) decides to become a psychiatrist so she can help those fellow game characters. The situations she sees are... very specialto say the least.

As for others I know, there's "It Sucks To Be Weegie", a Web Comic centered around Luigi and his problems geting some freaking recognition. There's also "VG Cats", which I didn't read as much, but it puts cat protagonists in the place of regular game protagonists, and since it's not the same characters, they react quite differently to the weird situations...

There, you should have enough to read for a good while now. No need to thank me!