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August 5, 2013

Is Dream Land Secretly Horrifying?

Like most people, I played a Kirby game at least once in my life. The pink puffball also happens to be a powerful warrior when he sucks an enemy in his big mouth and steals its ability. Kirby can gain abilities of all types: He can eat a singing foe to become Microphone Kirby. He can eat a rock enemy to become a Rock Kirby. The possibilities are endless. The best way to see this is to play the Smash Bros series: Kirby gains the ability of whichever fighter he inhales. That makes a grand total of 40 Kirby forms in those games alone.

However, that's not the main focus on this article. You see, Kirby lives in a world called Dream Land. It's unclear whether it's just a planet or a whole universe, because Kirby does a lot of space travel, and as a result he ventures through multiple planets. However, Dream Land is supposed to represent the world of the subconscious mind at sleep, or if you prefer, "dreams". Heck, it's in the name! Another case in point: All the weak little baddies are cute, which hints at a game series directed at kids. When you've got adorable bomb-tossers, adorable knights in yellow armor, and even adorable trees with a face... but all of them are still enemies, and they're still attempting to hit you.

This begs the question: Is Dream Land secretly horrifying?

Quick answer: Yes.

Long answer: Yes, but let's take a look why. Kirby lives in Dream Land, but since it's the world of dreams, there's always a big risk: After all, who says dreams can say sweet dreams, and that's what fuels most worlds of the Kirby series. But whoever says dreams can also say nightmares. And if you take a look at the Kirby series, you'll notice very few creatures that could be seen as nightmarish. The little enemies all have some kind of cuteness factor, and even most of the bosses to some extent. Whispy Woods, as an example, is a living tree who attempts to knock you out with apples. Or by blowing very strong winds. Or both at the same time. Nothing to get creeped out with. But I don't mean the little enemies nor the bosses. No, let's take a look at the final bosses of the series. King Dedede? ... .. ...Okay, my argumentation falls flat for this one. But that's because King Dedede isn't a full-on villain, more a pathetic excuse of villainy through stealing other people's stuff just because he can. Like Wario from the Mario series, except a penguin wearing Santa's coat.

Zero? Holy cow, now that's what I'm talking about. Nightmare? My God, is he freaky. Necrodeus? Damn, his name means "God of Death"! Magolor EX? It's an ally turned monster! Drawcia? ACK! What's that thing? And 0²? It's like an angelic creature... with a BLEEDING RED EYE.

And all those nightmares have only one goal: Turn Dream Land into Hell, no matter what they'll have to do to accomplish such a feat. I hope this little overview of Dream Land won't stop you from having sweet dreams about the Kirby series.... *evil grin*