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August 25, 2013

Three Weeks of Arcade

If you followed this blog in the past weeks, you probably noticed a constant theme among three of my first reviews: Internet games. Yes, I know I reviewed three games whose concepts could be retraced to Internet, at least in a way or another.

-Desktop Tower Defense referred to the very large number of tower defense games on Internet;
-Castle of Shikigami III is based on vertical flight shooters, also known as Bullet Hells;
-And Yard Sale: Hidden Treasures is an object search game, and we can find lots and lots of those on the Web.

I noticed that theme, and so I decided to have another theme for the next reviews. Have you ever been to an arcade? I do mean here a place where there are arcade games, such as those very, very old machines. But arcade places also usually have additional things that don't necessarily count as video games; an arcade can also have things like pinball machines, air hockey tables, Whack-A-Moles... and if the arcade is big enough, you can bet that there's also going to be a pool table. Because, let's face it, even if an arcade exists so that kids could have fun with video games that they didn't own... in the end, an arcade is there so that its visitors have fun. And that means it can have so many much more things than just, well... arcade games!

I'm gonna concentrate on those arcade bonuses in the next weeks. You see, here are the next three reviews.

-Mario Pinball Land will cover the whole pinball thing; pinball machines are still pretty fun to play. As for this game... well, I won't spoil the review for you, but... There's a reason I label it one of the worst Mario games.
-Thrillville: Off The Rails is an amusement park tycoon game most of all, but a big part of the game is spent playing seven mini-games, all of which are reminiscent of those found in amusement parks (such asWhack-A-Mole, Donkey Races, Ballon Pop...). Those games, while not all technically also available in arcades, can still be considered sort of as such, as you need to pay an amount of money to play them, and you can either win or lose.
-Last but not least, Midnight Play Pack contains five different games, two of which are bowling and pool. The latter can be found in some arcades, while the other can also be found, except in much, much bigger places.

The link is sort of weak, but it's there. And it's all that counts.