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August 14, 2013

Official Songs

Wednesday, that means: Fun Stuff Day!

Over the course of thirty-something years, video games gained a recognition all over the planet, which is a pretty impressive feat for something that began as "kid stuff". It helps that the original audience grew up, and with it the kind of videogames changed as well. And then those now-adult gamers let their children discover the games, and in many more years those children, now adults, will let their own children discover today's games, and so on... Video games became such an important part of our lives that we can't really avoid it in our medias, what with the never-ending debate over violence in video games, movie plots revolving entirely around video games... and songs!

Actually, there aren't many artists who contribute to video games. As we all know, a video game's score is nowadays recorded by an orchestra. However, the series using songs based on them are very rare.

To my knowledge, there's only one franchise that decided to use musical bands to create a part of their soundtracks. For a while, it was Crush 40. And now, it changes once in a while. The result is pretty great. (And sometimes the song transcends the game it came from, if the song is really, really good and the game really, really sucks.)

But there are other musical groups out there who wrote songs based on famous video game franchises. All that counts for this message is that they're actually official songs taken directly from the games.
Another example: The two "Drawn to Life" games for the Nintendo DS both end with a song played over the ending. If you played through the whole game, you know why these lyrics mean so much to the character, and the result is tear-jerking. (Especially the second one. When you find out the truth behind the whole series, it's one of the saddest things ever.)

Official songs (and here I mean songs with lyrics, those that appear in the game itself) are pretty rare, but usually it's really worth listening to them.

Now as a preview of what I'll review this Friday...