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August 7, 2013

Mega Man Fan Film

Like every Wednesday, here's a little something funny.

Each franchise is appreciated by a number of people; that's the fanbase. I already discussed fanbases in my article "Can the Sonic Series Be Saved?". However, while it's true that there are downsides to every fanbase, there's also a good side.

You see, devoted fans will spend a lot of time discussing their favorite series. Even more devoted fans will do more than just that; they might draw fanarts, they might cosplay, they might write fanfiction... And the biggest achievement is to make a fan film about that series.

After all, a fan film requires the same elements as a real film; cameras, actors, sets, a script, special effects... I haven't seen a lot of fan films in my life yet, but I know they they can be very enjoyable. Of course, the teams behind those movies don't have the budget of a renowned film company, so there's gonna be flaws. Sometimes, major flaws, like some special effects that are very obviously CGI, or actors who tend to ham it up a tad too much...

Though, by the end, if you can manage to bypass those elements that challenge your willing suspension of disbelief regarding the film, then you can appreciate the movie just by the fact that some people, who didn't have the budget of a Hollywoodian flick, still managed to make something fine with what they had.
Case in point: The Mega Man fan film, made by Blue Core Studios, and one example of a feature-length fan film released on Internet. For what it is, it's not bad at all. Better than what I would be able to do, anyway.

Keep looking around Internet for more fan films; some of those are surprisingly great.

Now, as a preview of what I'm going to review this Friday...

Holy cr-...!