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August 3, 2013

Recent Purchases

Okay, well... Thursday, July 31st, I bought Sonic and the Black Knight. It's a... fun game. I'll put it that way. However, this means you can expect me to review it someday. As to when... I can't tell, as I decide the games I'll review a month ahead of time only. Which is still fine.

Also, I went to Staples recently (my next university semester begins this September, so I needed a new pencil case), and to my not-so-great surprise, they sell Wii games at a cheap price. Among others, I saw Mario Super Sluggers. ...Oh, I feel like buying it next month... and maybe another game sold cheaply...

Whatever. I also intend to buy a Wii Points card, so that I'll buy more games on WiiWare and the Virtual Console. That's the problem with today's generation of consoles; you can pay using your credit card or Points Cards, but someday the Points Cards will be discontinued, and if you have problems buying Wii Points through a credit card... then you're in trouble. Oh well.

Anyway, on a side-note, I've been playing the game I'll review this Friday. I can hardly wait until then to post the first part of that review! ...But I'll still wait. I know I can wait, anyway.

Read you later!