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July 27, 2013

Small Update

Two official reviews now, one of a GBA game, one of a DS game. This blog is becoming great.

I'm working on the next reviews at this moment. Also, you might have noticed that I tackled the subject of the other major game consoles, the Xbox and PlayStation, on another blog post. I will sometimes post such an update that will reveal my opinion on such video game issues. There will be some about the video game consoles themselves, there will be some about particular franchises, and there will also be some about the other things, such as music, voice acting and bugs in video games. Those will be categorized as "unofficial reviews" on the Reviews page (which yo can cess from the horizontal menu bar just under the title and subtitle of this blog).

There are many games that I want to review. But I try to restrict myself to only one review per week, with occasional updates like this and unofficial reviews. I might also sometimes link to great videos I've seen on Youtube or fan works that are pretty interesting.