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July 22, 2013

First thoughts

It's always this way with a new blog; you get little views, and it can take a while before you get recognition for what you do. There are blogs out there with even more frequent updates and still get only a few readers each time.

Although, that's not the worst part with a weekly update: I think it's having to wait for the update day to arrive. My review of Crash & Spyro came out last Friday, and I'm already wishing for this Friday to come faster. I actually try not to write too many reviews ahead of time, and this is really difficult.

While it is true that I have many games that do have a story, I try reviewing those without a story first, or an excuse story. That happens especially in videogames that were not made to have a story anyway. And there's a LOT of games like this, especially on the Nintendo DS where gimmick-y games are legions. There's not much of those on the Game Boy Advance, and I have more story-driven Wii games. It seems the gimmick Wii games are found mostly in the WiiWare you can buy on the Wii Shop Channel.

... A software recreating the experience of a fireplace? Really? Remind me to write a post once in a while about the oddities you can find among the WiiWare games...