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July 24, 2013

Blog still in construction

Even though I'm going to post a review this Friday, I still feel like updating today with this.
The blog was created last Friday, the very same day I posted the review of Crash and Spyro Superpack. As a result, I still feel the need to change a few things once in a while. You might call this blog "still in construction".

Also, you might have noticed, as you were scrolling down the main page, that I added a section about the upcoming reviews. Note that the dates are subject to change depending on how fast I feel like updating (though there will always be an update on every Friday). This also lets you see which games will be reviewed next, and approximately when.

I think about adding a page about me. Seeing as I write this blog and most of you have no idea who I am, I suppose it's just right to do this. The only problem is that I wonder how I could show this page on a horizontal menu on the blog, just under the title and slogan. And maybe I could add more pages like this afterwards...

I'm also thinking of making a more stylized title. This blog might change quite a bit in the next days.