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July 31, 2013

Poor Little Goombas

As the title says. Let's see... They have no arms nor hands, no legs, they're walking mushrooms. Yet many of them decided to work under a pretty evil turtlelike dragon. And then you wonder why they complain when they get stomped! What, did they believe nothing would go wrong?

Anyway, I'm just saying that Goombas are very weak, to the point that you gotta wonder why they even consider a career as soldiers in an evil military force (That's basically what Bowser's army is, after all). But the weirdest part os that they keep coming back! No matter how often Bowser gets beaten by Mario, there's always gonna be Goombas who'll join his side anyway. Even if it's pretty much a certitude that they'll end up as some crushed remains on the road. Oh, there are some Goombas who were smart enough to avoid this fate, as proven in Paper Mario.

Yep, poor little Goombas.

After this silly little article, I feel like showing an image of the game that will be reviewed this Friday.

Oh, this review is gonna be good.