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December 26, 2015

Demo Review 50: lilt line

Final demo review! When we start lilt line, we get to a menu that shows 15 levels with interesting names, though only the first one, TRAINING, is open. We start this, and find out how the game works; you are following a line going in a colored section of the screen. Everything else is black. The point is to prevent the line from hitting the borders, which is achieved by turning the Wii remote held horizontally towards the screen or towards you. Whenever you hit a wall, you lose points. After a moment, you reach a section with lit-up parts, and you have to press 2 when the line reaches these parts to follow a beat. However, if you press the 2 button anywhere outside of these lit-up sections, you lose points.

This sounds like a BIT.TRIP game without anything that features Pixel Boy. But hey, I don't mind.

If you run out of points, you lose! Yeah, that’s all. Hey, I still got to Level 4! That’s where things got really hard, what with the walls of pure blackness taking more and more places, and me having to be quicker to spin the Wii remote in my hands to avoid them… also, the passages became narrower, and whenever lit-up sections appeared, there would be a few of them in a row, and I had to perfectly time my button presses and Wii remote movements! This got pretty difficult.

That’s really all there is to say about this game, maybe there was more later on to discuss, but that’s where I got. This game is simple and abstract, but it’s easy to learn. My sole complaint is that the actual tutorial began after I started banging the line into walls, thus before I could figure out how this thing worked. I would have liked a tutorial that had played before getting tossed into action. Other than that, this is a game that requires precision in turning the Wii remote, as well as good timing.

That’s really all there is to say about this one. Oh, yeah, I also really liked the names given to the levels, though I can’t remember all of them, I know one was titled “SRPNT” and another “BETAMAX”, and one of the earlier levels was called… um… “BICYCLE”, I think? Yeah.

So yeah, try it, try to see if you like it, and if you like it, buy it. That’s it.

…That’s it!

This was the last demo review! I’m done reviewing the Wii Shop Channel’s demos now! In a way, I am happy, as this was a lot of work. Also, this has let me try out many games I would have never thought about otherwise, and this has let me find games that I might be interested in buying later. I hope this month did the same for you. See you in 2016, and until then, stay awesome.