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December 6, 2015

Demo Review 34: Dart Rage

As the demo begins, only one choice is made available: “X01”. The others are Cricket, Poker and American… three options that I just won’t get to try today. After which you have the option to play in a lounge or a salon or a bar. The demo still offers the possibility of a 2-Player Mode; however, you cannot play a game with anything over 301 points. Why 301? That’s the score either player has to get to win, by tossing three darts each turn.

To toss a dart, you need to hold the Wii remote in your hand like a dart (pointing at the screen, with the hand under the remote, with the thumb on one side and every other finger on the other). You must then aim your dart, and when you’re ready just make a swift movement forward. The dart will hit the target approximately where you wanted it to go.

If you get a dart in a zone, you get the number of points for that zone. If you manage to get it in the outer red or green ring, you get double that score. And if you get it in the inner red or green ring, you get triple! The amount of points you get with each dart is then subtracted from the total, starting at 301. At the end, when both players have less than 20 points to victory, they need to aim for the zones with less points. You cannot go below zero, and if you hit a zone with more points than you have left, your turn ends and it’s the other player’s turn.

I was quite surprised to get the hang of it so quickly. Things went like a breeze afterwards. And I won! Well, I kinda HAD to win; I was playing against myself, it was pretty much impossible to lose.

The only real issue I had with this one was that it was always a two-player game, and yet it requires both players to pass around the Wii remote. What, was it too difficult to make it compatible with more than one remote? Whatever.

This demo was pretty enjoyable. It doesn’t offer much and you’ll probably not buy the full game, but I can say I liked playing. You just need to know how to point with the Wii remote. After that, you’re good to go. Try it! Try it, you hear?