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December 13, 2015

Demo Review 40:Gods VS Humans

Such an ominous title should mean an interesting game, right? Well, appearances can be deceiving. This game takes place over several eras where Gods were being worshipped, the first one being Ancient Egypt. As is normal for a demo, this serves as a Tutorial of sorts for the game. The story is simple: You represent the Gods. The humans, down there, are attempting to climb all the way to the residence of the Gods, and they are hoping to achieve this by building a giant tower. If they reach the top, you can kiss your godhood goodbye. The idea is to rain blows of fire, lightning and hail on the different floors of the tower to weaken and destroy them… but since those powers are granted to you by these very humans you’re trying to stop, and that angering them will severely slow down your power recovery, you will need to be careful not to hit humans!

Yeah, there’s quite a number of things to keep in mind here: The number of floors on the current tower, the different types of humans, the powers available (most of them are offensive, but others are defensive, such as summoning a pin-up to disrupt the workers’ concentration on a floor of the tower – I gotta admit, that one was really funny). The tough part is to avoid hitting humans, because then they get angry and your spells don’t recharge nearly as fast.

In the end, this is a strategy game, so I’m sorry if you expected some epic battles between humans and godly beings like a cartoonish God of War. Forget about that. Though, this game isn’t without its challenges, and it would be very interesting… It just didn’t do anything for me. And yet, the 3D is simple but pretty and effective, the controls work fine (well, aside from a few issues when it comes to selecting one of the Gods’ abilities), but the game may be a tad too complicated. It would take me more than just a demo to get used to everything that has to be taken into consideration. In the end, though, the experience felt very… underwhelming.

Still, I suppose the demo is still on the Wii Shop Channel, so go try it if you feel like it. Maybe you’ll like it more than I did.