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December 3, 2015

Demo Review 32: BIT.TRIP VOID

And we’re back for another BIT.TRIP game! Will this one be better than the others? The intro shows our pixelly character near two others. The main character (Name: ????) suddenly starts growing. The red circle surrounding him grows as well, while the two other characters suddenly shrink. After a while, the main character tosses the two other characters aside as his red circle fills the screen.

…I don’t think this intro would make sense in any possible way, shape or form, even if one was to subscribe me to a 45-hour class explaining every event leading up to it.

The game that comes next is pretty straightforward; You control a pixel circle with the Nunchuk’s joystick, as black and white dots fly across the screen. You must avoid the white ones and catch the black ones, task that would be simple if there weren’t two crucial details:
-Each time it catches a black pixel, the circle grows, so at some point it gets too big to be able to avoid the numerous white pixels;
-And the screen appears to darken and play with lighting a lot, which often makes it difficult to see all the black squares.

Thankfully, pressing A on the Wii remote will “empty” the circle and create bullets that destroy the white pixels… I think. Look, this game is so abstract, I have no idea what it’s about. All I know is that the levels somehow create music as you catch the black pixels. Well, this IS technically a rhythm game, after all… Though, if the circle gets hit by a white square, it reverts to small size. Can you get a high score? Can you beat every level?

Not a fan of that one. I found myself not liking the whole BIT.TRIP series all that much. I can understand why some people would like it, but it’s too weird for me. I guess it just comes down to personal preference… and I can’t dictate to you what to like and what not to like, so if you want to see by yourself what the game is, download the demo version from the Wii Shop Channel and try it.

I guess it’s too trippy for me. Oh, and there’s still two more of those…