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December 17, 2013

Next Two Weeks... And Beyond

Hello everyone. As some of you might know, my university semester ended yesterday. This means I am currently in vacation. I'll be without any true occupation until January 6th, the day my internship will begin. That's in almost three weeks. What can I do to pass the time? Will I bore myself out of my mind?

Certainly not!

Yesterday, after my classes ended, I bought a Wii Points card, and when I arrived home I bought four 500-point games with them. One Virtual Console game, three WiiWare games. And then I stared at the large selection of WiiWare games. "I'll never have enough money to buy all this." I found this kind of sad until I checked the selection of games separated by genre.

51 demos? What's a demo on WiiWare, you ask? Quite simple: It's a demo of a game available on the WiiWare, except you don't have to pay at all for the demo, while you'd most certainly have to pay at least five bucks for the real game. All those are entirely free, huh? And even if each of these demos offers at best a half-hour of play time, by the end it's still a grand total of twenty-five hours...

Why not make mini-articles about each demo? Yeah, that's my thought. On every day that I will not be too busy (that is, on every day that is not Monday, Wednesday or Friday), I'll post a mini-review of a demo available on the Wii Shop Channel's WiiWare section.

How long, each article? Hm, maybe 500 words... There's not much to say about each, after all. A demo is, by definition, very short, and doesn't contain all of the features the true game has.

What do you say about this? Three days out of seven, I do the regular things, and the other four, I write a mini-review of a WiiWare demo. Sounds good?


This will also serve to transition into the blog's new schedule. You see, once my inernship will begin, I'll spend thirty-five hours a week working. This is the biggest job I've ever had. I think I already mentioned before how I might change the schedule around to accomodate my new, erm... "pastime". Well, starting January 6th, this blog will change a little. There will be an artcle on Monday, an article on Friday, and nothing on Wednesday. Monday will either be an Editorial or a Fun Stuff article (depends how I'm feeling), and Friday will still be a review. However, whenever Friday is the first part of a multi-parter review, the second part will not be up on Monday, but on the Friday of the next week.

I hope this is fine for everyone. Tomorrow, another Fun Stuff article. Thursday, a mini-review of a demo. Friday, a review. Saturday and Sunday, mini-reviews of demos again. Monday, possibly an Editorial. And so on. Enjoy!