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December 24, 2013

Demo Review 4: 3D Pixel Racing

3D Pixel Racing: A racing game with CGI work so simple that the world is all made of cubes. This feels like a racing mini-game from MineCraft. Of course, seeing as this is just a demo, almost all the difficulty levels are locked; you can access only the first one. Also, you can only play this demo in 1P mode, while the full version can let up to four people play at once. Finally, you pick a car. Guess what? Only one is available! However, one fun thing is that you can change its color scheme as much as you want. You must also pick between Manual and Automatic mode, and finally you pick a driver (only one's available). Last but not least, pick a race track. Big shock, only one's available!

The race starts. The track and its environment is entirely made of blocks, it looks like a race happening in Lego City. The controls are kind of simple, with pressing 2 to speed up and 1 to break, and tilting the Wiimote left and right to steer the pixel car. However, you can see that this game has horrible design flaws in its one and only race track available.

First off, the opponent race cars will never have problems steering. Unlike you; a wrong movement and your car goes off and ends up in the fields. Oh, but that's not the more enraging part; IF YOUR CAR GOES TO FAR OFF THE ROAD (as in, five or six blocks away from the road), YOUR CAR IS WARPED BACK TO THE ROAD. Not if you fall in the water, not iof you hit a hazard. Only if you're barely a little too far from the road. This could be a good idea, if it wasn't being so unforgiving for all the times you can't steer the car correctly.

Everything about this is half-assed. The race itself is bad (though I'll admit that some little touches, like details – such as palmtrees, boats and other background details – also made entirely of blocks, are nice), and the problems in control make it worse. The opponents are too good for a beginner. The only available track's twists and turns will very often result in you being sent off the road, TO REAPPEAR ON IT A FEW PLACES BACK IN THE RACE. It's also really, really LAME that you access only one of everything for the demo. Couldn't you, like, access at least two or three race tracks? Just so you can get a better idea of how it's like? No? Really?

Screw you, 3D Pixel Racing. Your demo convinced me never to buy you. And to you, reader, I strongly suggest you try the demo before even thinking of buying this game. Don't waste five dollars on this unless you're sure you'll like it.

Well, clearly I'll never buy Mario Kart Wii either...