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December 21, 2013

Demo Reviews 2: Furry Legends

Welcome to Furland, a world where cute and cuddly creatures lives in harmony following their creation. Things go horribly wrong when Lord Squarie and his army of cubical minions decide that cute and cuddly shouldn't be the norm. The stronger furry creatures were quickly defeated, and as a result the Square Era has begun. However, not everything is lost; there is exactly one remaining furry creature, Furrzie (yeah, kind of a cheap name), and he might represent this land's only hope to defeat Squarie and his army of cubes who can't think outside the box.

Your little creature isn't even a complete animal, it's just a ball-shaped green thingy who can roll around. This is clearly a game for kids, as the story is simple, the characters seem simple, and the language is watered-down. Seriously, would you have expected the main character to say “What the fluff”? Oh, but no worries, there's also lots of puns on – you guessed it – fur. Fur real. As for the gameplay, you must play with the Wiimote and Nunchuk. And many buttons are necessary, as well as shaking the Wiimote. The levels combine action and puzzles, with moments when you have to hit switches to open entrances, and that kind of thing. It's strange that this game seems to be directed at kids, because some of the controls are complicated.
“Press Z, tilt the control stick in a direction and shake the Wii remote to attack an enemy or press a switch”? Yeah... You must also remember that Furrzie has stamina for his attacks, Hit Points to avoid making him too easy to kill, and a blue bar that can be filled to access a furry's special ability.

On the other hand, the game's difficulty is just fine. Experienced players will find the demo fairly easy, while young gamers might struggle sometimes to find how to solve a puzzle. But that's the target audience, so there has to be some challenge adapted to them. You can also hunt for rare tokens that will strengthen your furry. The environments are colorful, the puzzles are well-thought. The game also likes to toss around references; if you try the demo, see if you can get them all! Actually, there's a slight bit of adult humor in this, too! The music isn't half bad and like I said, the world to explore looks great. Just the creature's little screams can get annoying after a moment. Also, the demo stops after a single level.

I really suggest you try the demo to see if you'd like this game. You could be a very nice discovery. Or you could dislike it, I'm not inside your head, I don't know how you think.