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December 31, 2013

Demo Review 8: FAST Racing League

Oh God, another racing game. And another one that requires to tilt the Wiimote left and right like a steering wheel... Eh, I gotta do what I gotta do. Let's try this. FAST Racing League brings us into a beautifully colored world where racers compete on race tracks placed all over the environment.

When you start, you can only access two modes: Qualifications, and Unlockables. Everything else (Single Player, Multiplayer and Jukebox) is locked. As soon as the qualifications start, you can't help but go “WOW”. This is magnificent. You accelerate with 2, brake with one, and go left and right by tilting the Wiimote. Next, you can give yourself a boost by pressing Down on the directional pad once you've collected enough power spheres, and you can press Up to change your vehicle's color, which will let it use colored boost sections that will work only if your race car is the same color. Sometimes, those colored boosts are on the ceiling, but have no worries; if your car is the right color, it'll flip to get to he ceiling and still get the speed boost. Other colored pads will make you just, so you must try to land safely on the track.

Once you finish the qualifications, you can access the first single player track! Awesome! And you can choose between TWO race cars! The race starts, and god dammit am I horrible at steering with these controls! It's especially annoying because of zones where there are no boundaries and you might fall into the water. I hate this way of playing. Of course, an inexperienced player will have trouble switching the car to the right color to gain speed boosts, and the one just near the end of the track is also quite annoying the first time, but I'm sure that if I had time to practice I would be better at this game.

I hate that damn part with no boundaries...
But honestly, up to that point, this game is EXTREMELY promising! Beautiful graphics, great ideas (flipping and raising to the ceiling to get a boost? Wow!), and a game that seems overall better than 3D Pixel Racing. Let's compare the two. In 3D Pixel Racing, you don't get qualifications to help you with what's to come. The program throws you back to the race track whenever you get a little to far, as in, really way little too far. The designs are simplistic, but that was the point. You access only one thing for every selection, one vehicle, one race track, and the fun is extremely limited. Here, you get qualifications that serve as tutorial, you can choose between two cars when a true race starts, and it's overall very fun. Only problem is that this time, the game takes a bit too long to bring you back on the track when you fall off. Oh, and of course, the damn controls.

Seriously, if it wasn't for those two flaws, this game would be PERFECT. An excellent racing game. Nearly everything 3D Pixel Racing should have been is here. If it wasn't for the controls, I'd BUY this game. However, if those two flaws are big enough for you to hate this game, I still suggest you test the demo, and see for yourself how bad those flaws are inside the game. If you don't mind them, though, you might make a nice discovery.