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December 11, 2013

"Brawl In The Family" Songs

I already discussed Brawl In The Family, a great webcomic about the many characters of Nintendo living together in harmony. Or, well, in as much harmony as you can get when heroes and villains live together not-always-so-peacefully and when so many different personalities cross paths...

The comic's creator, Matthew Taranto (AKA TriforceBun), really likes music. In fact, he was part of a project called Phoenix Wright: The Musical. And of course, he had to bring some music to his own series. Here, I decided to give you links to some of the songs that were in this comic.

I haven't shown them all; but Matthew makes a lot of songs about Christmas, since it's such a special occasion. I'll make a post about those in due time. It should be there in one or two weeks. (In fact, Christmas will be a Wednesday, so I might just put those up on December 25th!)