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December 27, 2013

Just Dance 3 (Part 1)

The Holiday has come and gone,
Leaving behind good emotions and fun.
Christmas, twenty-fifth of December,
And New Year's Eve, a week later;
Both important, both celebrations,
Both times to live our traditions.
Unwrapping gifts, showing our love
And thanking our Lord up above.
...What? We're all of different origins.
B'sides, we all try to avoid the sins.
But one hits hard on Christmas, see:
This sin, my friend, is gluttony.
Yes indeed! You know what I mean
Holidays are time for fine cuisine.
...Who am I kidding? Of course not!
It's time to stuff our faces a lot!
For in families, we enjoy the meals
No matter what our stomach feels.
As a result, we end up sick
From eating pies and candy sticks.
Overeating in general
Increases the cholesterol.
What can we do in this case?
It's too slippy outside for a race
Walking the dog is dangerous,
That black ice is damn traitorous.
Just going out is too freezing.
You will come back inside sneezing.
In your house you must exercise
So you'll avoid illnesses and cries.
As for the game, I say it depends
Whether you have Wii Fit or Just Dance
As for me? Well... I have the latter.
Or rather, the third one, to be clearer.
Welcome to this review, everyone!
By now, I am sure that you want
Me to explain how this will work
Since rhyming is today my quirk.
Simple enough, I assure you;
This is how I'll write this review.
I'm gonna separate it in parts
Each a different musical art.
I'll post in the text a video
That indicates some seconds, and so
You can watch it entirely
Or skip to the part I decree.
I'll take the lyrics from this time
And do the review still in rhyme.
Each song will show an aspect of the game;
I'll keep the rhythm and beat the same.
This is a BIG challenge for me
And it won't be lame! (Hopefully!)
This intro was lengthy enough
So let's begin! (This'll be tough...)

(Dynamite – Taio Cruz; from 0:00 to 1:31)

I, I, I, I, I, I...
I want to dance, dance, dance dance
Must lose some weight
Can't fit my pants, pants, pants, pants
And all in all
I'm feeling tense, tense, tense tense
Must exercise
But I've got plans, plans, plans, plans
Gotta play on, and on, and on
Yes I'll play on, and on, and on

Thanks to my Wii I'm moving all the time
That's for sure, oh
Gotta say, oh
Pop Just Dance in and I enjoy the rhyme
And I move, ohs
Here's how it goes

Wiimote in your right hand
Choreography is planned
Follow what they do
And you'll feel alright
Dancers on the screen
Repeat what you've seen
Do just like they do
And you'll feel alright

It's the full song, song, song, song
3-4 minutes
So it seems long, long, long, long
But you don't sing
Don't move your tongue, tongue, tongue, tongue
Do the movements
And dance along, long, long, long
Yeah, yeah
So just dance on, and on, and on
Keep dancing on, and on, and on

(Baby One More Time – Britney Spears; from 1:20 to 2:05)
Oh dancer dancer
You show me what I must do
I've got my sight on you
Oh you on the screen
Most of the time
You are a girl
But sometimes you're a guy

These games
Are targeting females
So much, in fact
That there's few dancer males
And that's sad

They look like the
Wii Fit Trainers
They are white-skinned
All these dancers
Only their right hands
Have some color
The one you'll follow
The right hand's movements, you know

(Promiscuous – Nelly Furtado ft. Timbaland from 1:21 to 2:28)
You get rated
On four different levels
X, OK and Good
And Perfect, and that's all

Perfect gives ya a better
And bigger score
Than will do the others

And then special moves
The screen flashes an instant
If you get that one right
It's a Perfect
None other for that movement

When you get a score
The bar fills up
You know what I mean
The one at the top

When filled enough
A star is gonna appear
And if you collect five
Then you sure can cheer
It means you have talent
And you've mastered this tune

Five stars is the max

You're done being a buffoon

If you play against
Another person
It's the highest score
Who's gonna be the champion

When you reach the end
Your stars are calculated
And you unlock stuff
But it's complicated

Unlocking more things
It's not that simple
You need talent
Of course but that's not all

Unlocking more things
More songs and mashups
Of previous dances
So do the right steps

Unlocking more things
Takes always more
Nearly thousand stars
Show what you've got in store

Unlocking more things
Try getting it all
You ready?

(Beautiful Liar – Beyoncé ft. Shakira; from 0:19 to 1:11)
Is it
Worth it
There's so many songs
Its so unbelievable, there's at least forty titles
That many
Most from the start
And a few unlockables, it's not many, no big trouble

You can, also
Do a playlist, a selection
Even though
There's five to eight songs for each one

There's “pop”, “rock” and “R'n'B”
“Electro” and “costume party”
“Around the world” and “80s”
That's just some of the playlists
There's a playlist for “Duos”
And “Dance Crews”, none for “Solos”
There's one for Hard songs and Intense
That's just some of the playlists

(Video Killed The Radio Star – The Buggles; from 0:26 to 1:14)
From the menu you can access the mode “Just Sweat”
It will measure your exercise, as you can bet
Something you can incorporate in your diet
Oh-a, oh-a
In this mode you will get Sweat Points each time you play
It encourages you to come back every day
You get rewards each time you do this anyway
Oh-a, oh-a
So play when you can
Oh-a, oh-a
This is quite the plan

Getting Sweat Points over seven days
Setting all of the game's tunes ablaze
That's a mode I can only praise
Oh-a-a-a, oh...

(Lollipop – Mika; from 0:44 to 1:44)
Here I am at the next menu
Which one to pick? What an issue
Seven-day challenge, free session?
Time to get in on the action

The seven-day challenge is great
You must play for a whole week straight
Take a Healthy Choice, a Fresh Start
But Sweat Explosion is the hard part

Play this game for a little while and
Collect tons of Sweat Points
Play this game for a little while and
Collect tons of Sweat Points
Play now, play now,
This game is your healthy choice
Play now, play now,
This game is your healthy choice

For each pick, you must get thousands
How much for each, well it depends
For the Fresh Start, it's just three
For the hard one, over twenty (thousands!)

The game counts how much you're moving
More means that you're better doing
At the end, added the points are
To those you've gotten thus far

(Night Boat To Cairo – Madness; from 1:00 to 1:40)
You're doing well
You're feeling swell
Doing what the characters do
You've seen their move
You've followed their groove
The models are pretty, that's true
They're quite detailed
The CGI don't fail
And their movements are very clear too
I can't be a jerk
Ubisoft did good work
On their modeling of the dance crews

If you were to count
It is a big amount
There's over a hundred dancers in all
And they fit the themes
Of their songs, it seems
Such a pile of work is not banal
Such pile of work is not banal

(Spectronizer – Sentai Super Express; from 0:15 to 1:08)
You are picking
A song that you wanna dance to
Then you realize
That the dancers are two
That means
You're gonna have to pick one of them
That is “duos” for you

You are picking
A song you've never heard before
Then you see
That the dancers are four
That means
You're gonna have to pick one of them
That is “Dance Crews” for you

Invite your friends
And have a real awesome time
Dancing in teams, to the rhythm
Come on! Play together!

Play together!
Helping each other
Play together!
But it gets better
Play together!
All your stars will count
To unlock more
It's gonna be much quicker

(I Don't Feel Like Dancing – Scissor Sisters; from 1:58 to 3:07)
You are busy mimicking
What the dancer is doing
But look at the backgrounds
They are all truly amazing

There's a million things you're missing
Happening in the behind
Somebody watching you can look at them
If they're so inclined

Why did Ubisoft
Choose to do that is beyond me
There's just so many details you'll never see
I gotta wonder
Why they had that idea
Thus looking at those Youtube vids is the key

Because I feel like spotting
All those jokes scattered in the back
Missing them is so lame
I guess the concept is to blame
Because I do not want to miss
A single thing that is hidden
Because I feel like spotting
Those things are not forbidden
I feel like spotting, spotting
All the animation in the background
I feel like spotting, spotting
The jokes until they are all found
I feel like spotting, spotting
Even though dancing is still the primary goal, oo-oo-oo

(Take On Me – A-Ha; from 1:12 to 2:33)
Such variety
Everything from
Pop to country
All kinds of music
Just so many styles
You can play
Something you like
You will find inside this game, I say

Believe me (Believe me)
Believe on (Believe me)
You'll have fun
Problems are few

That's all for today
I haven't told
All I could
So, wait for Monday
I promise you
That this will be good
You'll have to wait
This review is getting lengthy anyway

Believe me (Believe me)
I'm not done (Believe me)
Wait for next part
Of this review