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April 2, 2015

MORE New Titlecards!

I hope you enjoyed yesterday's little April Fools prank. I worked a lot on it. There will be a little intro tomorrow for the month of April... why? BECAUSE IT'S SONIC MONTH!!!!!

Big thanks to LeRenardRoux, as usual, for the title card. This one's even better than the one she did for Rabbids Month! And yes, that's the reason the review posted yesterday was about a song from the Sonic series.

Anyway... since my next review will be posted only next Friday, I decided I would give my readers a little something while they're waiting for the next review... Wouldja like moar title cards??? Here are title cards for reviews published between August and October 2013.

Top 12 Pokémon That Could Get New Evolutions

I hope you like them! I'll add them, as well as the title cards made since January 2015, to the Title Cards section of the site, which you can access here. I'll try to have more title cards ready before May...

As for the vlogs, I'm sorry, but I have to discontinue them. I would have liked to make more, but I realized they had too little views, and they took me way too long to prepare them. Plus, Windows Movie Maker was a pain to use, so I prefer to wait until I get a better video editing software before I start making videos again.