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May 27, 2014

20,000 visits! Thanks everyone!

The video game review blog Planned All Along has reached a new milestone on May 26th, 2014, around 8:00 PM.

It has officially reached 20,000 visits!

No, really, look!

I would like to thank everyone who helped reach this milestone, including the three Google+ communities where I post a link to every article; the That Guy With The Glasses forum and the Brawl In The Family forum; the few from the ComicFury forum who came to read my blog; my Facebook friends who somehow cared enough to take a look once in a while; and everyone else who stumbled upon this blog while doing a search on Google.

The blog's first anniversary will be on July 19th. On that day, and on the weeks preceding and following it, I will publish a five-part review that will cover a fan favorite game. Not saying which one, but if you can see the results of the poll, you can guess what it will be.

Also on July 19th, the blog will be completely redesigned and ameliorated. Tired of seeing this purple color on the background? I was thinking about changing it too! For this, I've been in contact with user LeRenardRoux from ComicFury (by the way, go check her comic out; it's called The Wolf at Weston Court, and it's beautifully drawn. It also got a spin-off). She did a few things for this blog, including a new background image.

...Among other things. What else did she do? What will be used in the re-design in July? Will the title also change? What else will be added? Will I run out of question marks?

Keep coming back to Planned All Along on the next months, and you'll see some of these questions finally answered!