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February 3, 2014

Flash Videos: Kirby Edition

This Friday, the review is about Kirby. Or rather, Kirby in a world of yarn. Yep, Kirby's Epic Yarn!

Thus, I think this calls for a special Fun Stuff article about Kirby. There shouldn't be so much to show about the pink puffball and his world, right? ...right? Well... Actually, if you dig deep enough, you can find some Flash animations and games. If you wanted to see this aspect of your childhood get ravaged, this is the best time!

First, there's the Kirby Collab (Rated T):

Kodo - Into The Kirby (Rated T):

Kirby Kollection (Rated T):

Kirby's Got Me Dancing (Rated E):

Kirby, Cake Adventure (Rated E):

Sorry for the toilet humor in he first two. If those videos had been made by me, I wouldn't have put that kind of joke in, but eh.