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February 10, 2014

Ask Away!

Hello everyone!

Today, I bought a webcam, which I installed over my computer monitor. I decided I'd try that. I used to have a webcam before, but I used it mostly to talk with other French people around the world. Oh, I still hope I can do that again someday.

I recorded a bit of video, with me speaking English. As you know, English isn't my main language, and since I live in a predominantly French-speaking city of Quebec (unlike Montreal, which is about half French and half English by now), I didn't get to practice my spoken English too much. As you saw from now, I can write in English very well. As for speaking... I have one Hell of an accent. It's obviously a problem, but... Yeah, I will try to work on that.

On the other hand, there was a reason I bought the webcam; I felt like I could add another dimension to the blog by having some form of visual medium to add to the whole thing. Oh, I still have the written reviews, the pictures that come with them, and the videos too. But Google+ has this option called Hangouts, in which you can basically stream yourself to the rest of the world thropugh your webcam, Live, for everyone to see. I thought it would be interesting if I did that every once in a while.

Of course, it would be more of a shame, seeing as even I can see how big my accent is. It's not unnoticeable, I'll put it that way. Anyway, if you want to see me make a fool of myself trying to speak English to a crowd of native English speakers... well, go ahead, ask your questions. I might decide to reply to them in a Youtube video, or here on Hangouts.

Ask away!