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November 20, 2013

Running Out of Ideas For Fun Stuff Articles (+ Other News)

Look, I know it's fun to tell you about some things created by fans of video games... But today it's impossible. Deeply sorry for the inconvenience.

I have to say that it's getting more difficult every day to find something new to talk about for each Wednesday. My university semester is working against me, as I don't always have time to post a Fun Stuff article in the morning. Yeah, I have to set some priorities.

Also, I have to say that, while I'm not running out of ideas, it's getting harder to find new things to talk about. That's why I'm asking your help, fans of this blog: Show me some fan works that I could advertise on here. It doesn't have to be just fan works, but as long as it's related to video games, it works.

Another reason why there isn't a Fun Stuff article today is that technology decided to work against me as well! Yeah, I was planning to look up some Flash animations on Newgrounds for this, but the site is unavailable right now! Damn! I know I can find Flash animations on Youtube, but this morning I just... I don't have time. So, I apologize for not having any Fun Stuff article this time around, but at least you can expect another one next Wednesday.

Don't forget to send me some suggestions!

To make up for this, later today I'll post an updated list of my video game collection, noting the games that have been reviewed and adding those that I bought since my last list. If you want me to review a video game in the list, you'll be able to tell me in the comments. This could help me pick between the mny good games that I have, as it's getting a bit difficult to choose. I have plans up until the end of December, though, so the requests won't happen until 2014. Most likely.

(Among others, a review of Just Dance 3 to end the year on a moment of awesome).

Um... aside from that, wait for my Top 12 list this Friday. I list the Top 12 franchises I still haven't tried that I would like to try playing someday.