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November 6, 2013

Fan Songs - Mario Edition

I noticed something; If I always show everything in a fun stuff article, someday I'll run out of those. So... Well... Here are some songs.

It's crazy how inspiring the Mario series has been to some people. The Mario series has tried to adapt into film (with some pretty awful results), into cartoon series (which probably had some success, as a few seasons were made...), into many comics series (with varying levels of silly or awesome). Videogames? Well, duh.

I already mentioned how fan works can be songs written by bands and published on sharing sites like Youtube... Well, the Mario series is no exception. Lots of songs were created by fans of the franchise, ncluding bands who had some... success. Ever heard this song by Jellyfish?

The art style in this vid is something to be seen to be believed...

I'm experiencing technical difficulties with Blogger at the moment, so here are the links to other videos that contain fan songs about the Mario series.

You could argue those two are pretty much the same (And I'd agree; same base beat, same game, lots of jokes that can be heard in the two... Heck, the second video reuses footage from the first one!). Eh, as long as they're enjoyable, who cares, right? And the second video seems a lot more artisti-HOLY CRAP THAT VIKING PIRATE GUY!

...I'm sorry, Blogger is too troublesome this morning... Just do with this. I'm deeply sorry.