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November 26, 2013


No, I'm not offering an internship for my blog. Duh.

I've finally gotten an internship in journalism! Yeah, talking about myself on my blog; big news, huh? Finding an internship in my home city in journalism is extremely difficult. The biggest journal only takes interns during the summer vacation, due to the regular journalists taking their summer break. The other journals either refused me for not coresponding to their expectations, or just weren't responsive.

Where will I be working next semester, starting in January? Well, I'll work for my university's online journal/blog that relates the news around the campus. In other words, I'll be an on-campus journalist who'll write real articles, then publish them online, in French, for the benefits of all the people not just in university, but to whoever can access the site.

This isn't an Intranet site or blog; it is available for anyone to visit it. I'm so hyped, I can't wait to begin this internship!

Also, don't worry: My blog will continue. However, instead of posting three articles per week, one reflection on gaming, one fun stuff article, and a review, maybe I'll shorten it to two articles per week: One reflection OR a Fun Stuff article each week, and a review. If a review is spread over multiple parts, only one part of the review will be posted per week, instead of continuing a review the next Monday.

I'll work there 35 hours a week, so you can understand that I'll have a bit less time to work on my blog. But like I said, don't worry. The schedule might get shaken up, but Planned All Along will not go away. (In fact, since I'll now post a review part per week, maybe it'll last even longer.)