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August 26, 2015

Life Just Sucks Today.

Jesus Christ, the world keeps getting worse. Life is awful today. Life sucks.

Don't go believe I suffer from clinincal depression, I don't, and I can't pretend to know what it's like. But with the recent news, I might as well become depressed.

And all this is related to gun control in the United States of America. Look, I'm Canadian. French Canadian. I can't say I know what's the mindset in America. I just know that Americans got to work on their gun policies, because this doesn't make any sense anymore.

It feels like not even a week passes without the news reporting about a massacre, or a trigger happy madman shooting innocents, or planning to shoot innocents.

Now, why do I talk about this today? Well, earlier this week, we had news in which two men had been arrested. They were heading to a Pokémon tournament with firearms and 250 rounds of ammunition. They were quite possibly planning to shoot at children and teenagers. It doesn't matter at all that they say it's a "joke"; if it is, that's the shittiest humor I have ever seen. And the joke argument doesn't work when, clearly, they were equipped to carry through with it. But of course, one can imagine they weren't exactly the brightest bulbs, as they talked about what they were planning to do directly on Facebook. This moment of sheer stupidity is what saved so many lives; the guys were arrested before they could get there.

Again, most people at this Pokémon tournament would have been children, teenagers and adult fans of Pokémon. There is simply noi justification whatsoever as to why this should happen. You wanna know what's worse? Those two guys arrested? They were Master finalists in this competition. They were participating.

So yeah, that's soe news that still enrage me today, but there's another.

See, for years I have desired to become a journalist. Report news, talk to people, write compelling articles. Write about the real life, for everyone to read. Doesn't matter if it's in a journal or on the Internet. Journalism is my dream job. More like, it was; another trigger-happy asshole had to ruin that, too.

This morning, a reporter, her cameraman, and their interviewee were shot by some guy in the middle of a live interview. Their deaths were caught on camera, and the cameraman even managed to get a blurry picture of the shooter.

News reporter Allison Parker was interviewing Vicki Gardner, head of the SML Chamber of Commerce, while Adam Ward was filming. Suddenly, gunshots. We cut back to studio, and a little later we hear that both the reporter and her cameraman were officially pronounced dead. As for their interviewee, she's in a critical state at the hospital.

Fuck that guy. I hope they catch him, and then I hope they throw him in jail for a life sentence.

Just... what the fuck is wrong with America now? I mean, I know what is wrong: Too many massacres. It's come to the point where I'm terrified of going to America, in case some guy shows up and tries to put a bullet in me.

So fucking tired of hearing about all these massacres.

What can be done? What could the American government do? I don't know. This is a political dead end. As long as the second amendment will be there to protect the right to bear firearms, no one will be able to do much. And too many Americans seem to be deathly afraid of the government and will want to keep their guns in case it turns into a tyranny or something. Like I said, I don't have the mindset of an American. I just wonder: How many innocent lives will have to be lost before something is done?

How many? Too many already. Way too many.

It's impossible to prevent every shooting, I get that, but something should have been done as soon as people realized that shit was getting frequent. It's not supposed to be frequent. You're not supposed to go "oh, man, another shooting? We had one just last week!" No. That's not how it's supposed to work. Tragedies are not supposed to be taken as a common occurrence, yet that's exactly what 's happening with these shootings. It's not normal. Something should be done, but a lack of will, or a lack of fucks to give about other people, that's what makes it impossible for America to get out of this vicious cycle of armed murders. And don't pull me the "more people die in terrorist attacks in the Eastern countries" bullshit. Over there, that's still terrorism, that's still innocent lives taken by jackasses who believe they have the right to take lives. It's not any more right there than it is here, on the American continent.

Look, I'm sorry if this feels incomplete, it was written on the spur of the moment. It just... these shootings make me sick. And sad. And scared. And it would be impossible for me to say everything on this issue. It would take me a long time to write something that covers every argument, every reason for this, every possibility. I just can't write something like that, I don't have the American mindset. I just know, from my Canadian point of view, that this should have been stopped earlier, and now it's spiraling out of control.

Fuck the world today. I just want to go away and mope. I can't even play Pokémon to make my day brighter.

A review will be up this Friday, as usual.