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August 5, 2015

About The Author

It's me, Nicolas something-something... oh, Hamel, I remember. Yes, I'm SMRT.
I am an overweight, often clean-chaved, often bearded, glasses-wearing reviewer on the Internet who screams a lot for no good reason and who gets mad at the drop of a hat. I still live in my parents' house and I like to sing over the music I listen to, even if my singing is as terrible as a cow regurgitating a few balls of hay and a pitchfork over an orchestra composed of drunken musicians playing free jazz. I can't even write all my english porperly. See? I'm still making speling mistakes!
I'm especially terrible when trying to discuss the brilliance of certain visionary characters. Then again, I claim I can analyze things, but in the end I'm just providing pointless commentary. And those Top 12 lists. I guess 10 wasn't enough? Man, I'm such a geek. When I'm not looking up some totally gross stuff on the Internet, I like to go on online forums and whine a lot. Why do I stay in that Channel Awesome forum anyway. I have no freaking idea.

I haven't even put any security on this site! Interdimensional conquerors can access it easily!

Praise the Lord Dimentio, for he shall end all.

And I am an idiot.