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October 30, 2013

Pokédex - Extended Fanon Edition

If there's one thing about Pokémon that is pretty weird... it's the Pokédex. This little device, created at first by Professor Oak, records the appearance a Pokémon when you see it without catching it, and then records all its information when you catch it. Wait, how does that make sense? I mean, if that information appears on the Pokédex, it's because it was somewhere in the machine in the first place, right? And when you think about it, the machine makes little sense; it will record facts about the Pokémon that you technically couldn't see when you met it. Take, as an example, the claims that Raichu can knock out an Indian elephant. The Pokédex knows that, yet we've never seen a Raichu do that in the game! Which means that the information was written in the machine following Oak's research, and it was not written on the spot when you found the Pokémon! ....

I'm getting too logical about this machine. You know what? Each Pokémon has a different Pokédex entry for every game in the main series. There's about twenty descriptions for the first Gen's Pokémon, and so on and so forth. Yet, we never get real facts that sound like the Pokémon are animals.

The Extended Fanon Edition solves this problem. hat is this? Written by the community behind TVTropes, the Extended Fanon Edition is basically a collection of almost scientific descriptions of the Pokémon families. Seeing as most contributors are nerds (and, let'd admit it, I am, and many of you are too), they can come up with lots and lots of descriptions that make it sound like we're talking about real animals here. The articles are written taking into account many Pokédex entries (and the Pokédex entries that make no sense are not used), as well as what we know of that species based on in-game encounters with said Pokémon, as well as other details we know about that species thanks to the anime and manga.

These pages are a very entertaining read, as long as you don't mind the scientific terms used to describe the Pokémon. The pages may contain a physical description of the Pokémon, a section about their notable biology, their habitat, their diet, the hazards they might cause, th courting and childrearing (yeah, they even touch THAT aspect...), the social structure and their interactions with human culture.

There aren't just articles for Pokémon, either. There are entries on Pokémon Types, on the Berries, on many geographical locations of the regions, on a few abilities, on the human society of Pokémon (such as the Most Wanted List), on the meta elements and on two other weird things.

All I can say is, have a good read! And if you think you have the talent to add to this Fanon Edition Pokédex, go ahead, the instructions are written on top of the page.

Have fun!