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October 1, 2013


I mentioned it in many places. I made a big deal about it. Now it happens.

This October, will I talk about very horrible games? Not really. Will I write special reviews of horror films? Not that I think of. Will I have a theme for all my reviews and posts? You betcha!

Also, Pokémon X and Y comes out on October 12th, which is why I'll take a month to discuss Pokémon, Gotta roll with the popular topics.

I thus declare that October 2013 will be Poké-Month on Planned All Along! We'll start with a Top 12 of the Pokémon that could get new evolutions/pre-evolutions on October 4th. The three following weeks will have reviews of Pokémon Snap, Pokémon FireRed and Pokémon Rumble! Pokémon FireRed will also be my first three-parter review!

Last but not least, October always ends with Halloween, and we get to see a lot of Halloween specials on TV around that time. Well, Planned All Along will be no exception, and I promise to release a special little something on October 31st!

(Note that there won't be a review on November 1st.)

Aside from that, the Cool Stuff episodes on Wednesdays will also be about Pokémon, and so will the more serious topics on Mondays.

Have fun with the first (and I guess only) edition of Poké-Month, everyone!