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September 5, 2013

The University Began

Hi everyone! Nicolas here. I've got something important to say. Well, it's gotta be important, or I wouldn't spend a whole message talking about that.

Anyway, as you know if you've read the About Me page, I'm a university student at a university in the province of Quebec. The semester began yesterday. I had my first class of the semester yesterday as well, and BOY is there a lot of work in that course alone. And yet that's not the one with the most work!

In other words, this will be a very busy semester. You probably guessed what it means: I won't have as much time for my blog as before. It all boils down to my schedule, however. I'm rather lucky, because even if I do have a lot of work in two of my classes, have only four classes, so I'll have a lot of free time when I'm not working on school projects.

However! I will need to make a few changes to the blog's schedule. You see, my first class on Mondays is at 8:30 AM. Which means that I won't have time in the morning to post a new blog entry, might it be the serious thought about video games or Part 2 of a review. Instead, I'll post those on Sunday nights. Please remember this. Also, I might not have as much time to promote those Monday updates everywhere as I used to, which means you'll just have to come to the blog on Mondays to see if something's been added.

Updates on Wednesdays and Fridays will not change. Unless I am really too busy that day and I can't post a new article in the morning. In that case, expect it to appear the day just before, which means Tuesday or  Thursday nights respectively.

In other news, I created a Facebook page for Planned All Along. If you like this blog and you have a Facebook account, go Like that page too! I might also try to add a "Like" button on this blog's side-bar.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for tomorrow's review!