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September 11, 2013


Fun Stuff Day, as usual!

One of my major problems is that, unlike many gamers out there, my collection of video games is sort of... small. Not only that, but I'd also say that real, dedicated gamers have more consoles than I do. I can just review stuff on the Game Boy Advance, the Nintendo DS and the Wii! And that's one of the problems. I don't have as much diversity as, say, someone who owns a Nintendo console, a Sony console and a Microsoft console just to be sure.

And, that also means that there are reviewers out there who are more knowledgeable than me on video games, or who have more consoles - thus more games, or who can make their review series a web show...

That's why today's Fun Stuff is about those video game reviewers who have a web series out there.

There's of course the Anrgy Video Game Nerd. Who doesn't know him. Who doesn't watch him? (Well, I don't...)

If you've seen my Links page, you know I am a fan of Channel Awesome, also known as That Guy With The Glasses. That website has a whole section with video game reviewers, called Blistered Thumbs. Enjoy those videos that showcase the talent at Blistered Thumbs.

Angry Joe. Be careful, however. He's not as polite as I am. Oh, and he's more extreme, too.

And we can't forget the guy who became the punch line of every "bad video game reviewer" joke out there...

Well, that's all I got for the moment. Don't forget to suggest more Fun Stuff things!