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September 4, 2013

Insane Ian

I'm a huge fan of parodies. I can't deny that. I've been listening to Weird Al Yankovic ever since I was in ninth grade. And, of course, I've been playing video games since I was in elementary school.

That means that when I find some guy on Internet who makes comedy songs about video games, might they be parodies or original songs, I'm all ears, and I look around for more of that guy's works. Those songs don't count as official, because you won't find them in the games. That doesn't mean they can't be good.

Take Insane Ian, as an example. I haven't heard everything from him, but I already know he doesn't just write songs about video games. Those he did, however, are very funny. That's why I dedicate today's Fun Stuff article to him.

And before you ask, some of those songs do contain more adult humor, so if you're very young and reading this, you might not understand everything.

Haha, it's funny because his face constantly reminds us that he's not Mario.

I should mention that Insane Ian has a big preference for old games, especially from the early Nintendo, or even arcade games. Or, Hell, arcades in general. Although, his retro jokes use a lot of footage from newer games, such as Rock Band and Fallout 3.

For the next one, it would have been difficult to find footage of a recent game to fill up time.

However, if you really want to have fun, listen to his magnum opus, the Ultimate Video Game Medley. He has put together bits from many songs he had written with jokes that have already been done. The best part isn't just to listen to the lyrics, which are still funny; no, the best part is to guess which game is being referenced in every song AND which song is parodied for every game. Have fun with that one!