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April 2, 2017

New Real Life Stuff

Hello everyone! As the title may have clued you in, there are things I must discuss. It's about this blog and my current situation.

The good news is, I found a new job! I work almost 40 hours a week at a gas station, mostly night shifts. However, as you may guess, this also happens to be changing quite a bit my habits. Working at night and sleeping during the morning, that's something I'm slowly getting used to, but it also causes a few changes.

For the moment, don't worry, this blog isn't affected. The advantage of working at night is that I've got plenty of time during the afternoons and evenings to play games and write. I do have some time for myself. I won't exactly slow-down on writing my reviews, nor will I slow down on publishing them here - no "Posting only on Fridays, no more on Mondays" deal. At least, not yet. I've built up a pretty long buffer of reviews lately, I've got some stuff written almost 6 weeks ahead of time.

Let's hope it stays that way - that my job doesn't hamper my reviewing schedule. Keep in mind that I need to write every review, then spellcheck it and add images - that last one can be a pretty long process too. But don't worry, Planned All Along isn't stopping.

On this, I say thank you for reading the blog, and... again, I,m so sorry for this year's April Fools special.