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September 6, 2016

Little delay

Alright everyone, just a quick message.

Now that I'm employed, this means I have a bit less time to write reviews. Oh, don't worry, I'm not falling back to a one-post-a-week format as I did sometimes in the year of 2014.

This delay was caused by my busier schedule, but also by the blank page syndrome setting in. When I write these reviews, I can usually write 2000 words in a matter of one to three days easily. It all depends on how much material is given to me in a game or a film, and how much of it I can mock. I also try to keep at least three weeks of reviews written in advance, which may be tricky with longer games.

Games are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. I can't always tell how many parts I'll need to detail all of the content in a game. Of course, as often as possible, I also must try to replay through the game - that way, I can write my thoughts on the events portrayed in the story as they happen, and not as I remember them thanks to a wiki page. Thing is, the longer a game, the longer a review. I have to replay through the entire game, that's why it's so long! And of course, not all games are equal - in the case of Nintendo DS games, I must frequently stop to recharge the portable console. This slows me down.

The thing with the next game I'm reviewing, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, is that it's long and there's a lot of material to discuss. In fact, I still need to finish Part 5. Which is the last part, thankfully. However, as is the case with most games that have 4 or more parts, I often grow tired of talking about the same game for an extended period of time. I carry through because it would make no sense to stop a review when it's not over. This does lead to the blank page syndrome, as I said higher.

It's said that the best way to freee yourself from the blank page syndrome is to stop working on the thing you've worked on, and do something else. Or, in my case, write about something else. That's in part why I make more frequent "Editorial" posts about Pokémon Go or No Man's Sky. It's a way for me to change topic for a moment and discuss something else.

Therefore, I believe that it will do me a lot of good to delay this particular review one more week, and preface it with a first post about Steam titles in my collection. Our normal schedule will resume on Friday 16th; This Friday, I'll talk about Steam stuff.