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November 30, 2015

Introduction to Demo Reviews (Last)

Alright, so this is the third and last time I'm reviewing Demos available on the Wii Shop Channel.  I still have 21 of those to publish, and I'll try to get them all on the site before December ends. But, before that, I have already made many of those Demo Reviews, some in December 2013, some in August 2014... here's the complete list.

1: Lead The Meerkats
2: Furry Legends
4: 3D Pixel Racing
5: Soccer Bashi
6: Frobot
8: FAST Racing League
9: Rage of the Gladiator
10: Mix Superstar
11: NyxQuest
12: Jam City
14: 2 Fast 4 Gnomz
15: Liight
16: Gnomz
17: Fish 'Em All!!
18: Zombie Panic
19: Paint Splash
20: Art of Balance
21: Robox
22: PooYoos 1
23: PooYoos 2
24: PooYoos 3
25: Fluidity
26: World of Goo
27: Kyotokei
28: Monsteca Corral
29: Max & the Magic Marker

I hope you enjoy the last 21 items of this list as they are published on the blog, starting tomorrow!